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R&D Tax Credit Enrichment Program

Historically, the R&D tax credit has been subjected to expiration and renewal by Congress almost every one or two years. Given the past uncertainty of the credit’s renewal, coupled with the vague understanding of preparatory activities, many have chosen not to take advantage of this important and valuable tax savings strategy. The PATH Act of 2015 expanded and has made permanent the R&D tax credit – thus creating significant, long-lasting, and potentially recurring benefits to those who qualify.
Since the process of “gearing up” for the implementation of a new R&D program, or the optimization of an existing one, makes more sense now than ever before, Bedford has developed a unique service
to assist clients in taking full advantage of the R&D Tax Credit.

Our “R&D Enrichment” Program is designed to help clients maximize their credit for qualifying activities, and also to help optimize their process and tracking techniques to sustain the claim on
an annual basis – whether they are taking advantage of this opportunity for the first time, or they are currently claiming this credit.

R&D Implementation services:

  • Introduction to the R&D tax credit process
  • Review of current processes for potential R&D activities
  • Tailored process identification for credit maximization and streamlined documentation
  • Process implementation assistance

R&D Optimization

  • Review of the company’s current process
  • Identify areas for increased efficiency
  • Process implementation assistance