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Frank Giudici

Director of Business Development

Frank Giudici is a Business Development Director at the Bedford Team.

He is instrumental in fostering relationships with people who can take advantage of the value-adds that the Bedford Team provides and constantly seeks to educate those on the subject matters of cost segregation, energy-efficiency and R&D.

Prior to joining the Bedford Team, Frank received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and then spent 13-years in the Construction Management industry working throughout the Northeast on a variety of construction projects (high-rise condo, K-12 education, office fit-out, data center, etc.) in a variety of roles. Most recently, he served as the Procurement Manager over-seeing the buy-out strategy and implementation for multiple nanotech projects in Upstate New York.

Frank’s expansive construction management background paired with his well-versed communication and detail-oriented nature bodes well for enriching peoples’ lives (pun-intended).

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