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Frank Rotunda

Business Development

Since joining Bedford Cost Segregation, Frank has spent his time explaining the tax advantages of cost segregation to his clients and their CPA’s. Some of his clients include multi-family apartment owners, commercial and office buildings as well as retail stores, self-storage and medical office buildings.

Frank has over 30 years of experience in the business and financial consulting industry. Prior to joining Bedford, Frank spent 8 years in the cost segregation industry with another firm. Frank also spent 14 years in Divisional Management positions with TSI, which was part of the largest accounts receivables management firm in the United States. In these positions, Frank was engaged in the development of the company’s market share as well as training business owners and doctors on various methodologies to improve cash flow and reduce operational costs associated with cash and credit management. Frank was also responsible for the development of company representatives around the US in effective communication processes. Frank has also been a guest speaker at numerous regional and national sales conferences.

When not on the job, Frank sits on the board of a fraternal organization that works with local veterans. He also coordinates fundraising events for various charities like Early Connections Learning Center and Candle Lighters of Southern Colorado (a children’s cancer organization).

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