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Gregory Roberts, CCSP

Director of Technical Services

Gregory Roberts, ME, CCSP ­- ­ASCSP Certified Member #C0007-07

Greg is the Director of Technical Services and is responsible senior technical review and management.  In addition, he assists our Sales Team with project scope development and benefit projections. Greg is also involved in project estimates and provides guidance to the sales team as well as the engineers from all regions. Having personally completed more than 400, Greg is responsible for managing several of Bedford’s major accounts including publically traded companies and regional accounting firms.  Greg has been with Bedford since 2002.

Greg was the president of the state chapter of the Association of Facility Engineers for four years. Greg was previously the senior facility engineer for a semiconductor fabrication plant involved in clean room construction, equipment installation and certifications as well as infrastructure maintenance and operations. He worked closely on several expansion projects dealing with ultra-high purity piping systems. Prior to the semiconductor industry Greg worked as an environmental consultant and was responsible for hazardous waste clean- up projects at locations throughout New England.  Of note, Greg was the lead field engineer responsible for the Explosive Ordinance Demolitions clean up at Fort Devens as part of the BRACC program with the US Corps of Engineers. Greg also has an extensive background in electronics working as a maintenance pilot and avionics systems tech at several maintenance, repair and overhaul operations in both Canada and the US.

Greg has a Bachelor’s Degree in  Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Nova Scotia, a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Dalhousie University and an  Associates Degree in  Electronics from Northrop University at Los Angeles, CA.

His memberships include the following:
Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia, P. Eng. 1991 – 1998, Member
Certified Member, American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals
Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMSE)
Member, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Greg is an active member in the Civil Air Patrol, was the state Director of Maintenance for all search and rescue aircraft in the state of New Hampshire for seven years. Greg now functions as the Director of Communications for the CAP in the southern region of Arizona.

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