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Ken Polowitz

Business Development

Ken works with a diverse group of clients ranging from small one person CPA firms to medium and large regional firms, individual owners of real estate to developers and syndicators.  He has provided services for owners of small apartment buildings to owners of office portfolios of over a half of million square feet, apartment portfolios of thousands of units, manufacturing facilities, self-storage units, shopping centers, retail stores, franchises, warehouses, golf courses and restaurants with projects ranging from CA to Illinois.  Ken also provides CPE courses to Accounting firms on Cost Segregation and the Tangible Property Regulations.

Ken began his career in the mortgage banking industry working for a small banker in Buffalo, NY, which was purchased by a publicly traded New York City based mortgage banker. Upon the purchase Ken became the senior vice president of wholesale lending which was a new division for the company.  In 2003 he was relocated to the bay area to open operations on the west coast.  With the mortgage crisis of 2007 came change and Ken was introduced to cost the segregation industry.  He has enjoyed the journey of working with accountants, building owners and real estate developers helping them save enormous sums of money with the tax strategies that cost segregation can offer.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning from SUNY at Buffalo, NY

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