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The Bedford R&D Tax Credit Process

Bedford provides a detailed and well-documented R&D Tax Credit process, ensuring a high quality deliverable. Bedford utilizes industry best practices following current tax law and standards deemed acceptable per the IRS R&D Audit Techniques Guide.

We use a tailored approach to best serve each client and provide the optimum solution for every business type and size. Generally, our approach includes the following phases:

Phase 1 – Feasibility and Assessment

  1. Review your business and tax needs based on previously completed questionnaire
  2. Host follow-up call to review findings and discuss any additional questions

Phase 2 – Proposal and Presentation

  1. Prepare and present custom approach and methodology based on Phase 1 findings
  2. Issue engagement package

Phase 3 – Gathering of Documentation and Analysis

  1. On-site visit of facility to observe your process and products related to the R&D process
  2. Obtain relevant documents
  3. Interview employees
  4. Analyze data and calculate the R&D tax credit

Phase 4 – Presentation of Findings

  1. Present credit deliverables and field any questions
  2. Provide procedural recommendations to enhance future incentives

Phase 5 – Audit Protection

1. IDR level audit protection included in study
For more information please contact our R&D specialist at taxcredits@bedfordteam.com